Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Is In The Air...

Greetings Friends! Fall is in the air....

Here are some big doin's comin' up on ye olde calendar...


Fasten your seat belts... here's comes the Mums....

in beautiful St. Augustine starting Friday afternoon and proceeding through the weekend.

Please check out the plethora of local and regional music as well!!

but first....

Thursday, September 12th

Jim Quine and Lis Williamson 
make their duo reunion debut at Casa Maya and mostly every Thursday thereafter!
Music starts at 7:00 pm.
22 Hypolita St.
St. Augustine
(904) 217-3039 for your reservation


Friday, September 13th

The Driftwoods!

return to Creekside Dinery with special guest, Tuck Tucker!

Music starts at 6:00 pm.
160 Nix Boat Yard Road 
St. Augustine, Fla.


Saturday, September 14th

The Wild Shiners

at The Mill Top

1 - 5 pm.

then at 


starting at 9:00 pm


Saturday, September 14th

L & L

return to the Riverside Arts Market!

11:50 - 2:00 pm

Please join us!


Friday, September 20th

Lon, Lis and Rick

at Ze Reef!!

Please join us for our monthly show at The Reef with fingerstyle guitar wiz, Rick Kuncicky.

Music starts at 6:30 pm.

4100 Coastal Highway
St. Augustine, Fla.


Sunday, September 29th

Pretty Cool Music presents....

The Sauce Boss!!

Bill Wharton

in concert. Solo. Rockin it.

FROM THE DEEP ROOTS OF THE FLORIDA CYPRESS SWAMP COMES THE SAUCE BOSS.  Haven’t heard him play?  You’ll never forget him once you do.  With his distinctive slide guitar sound, wrought out of his ’53 Telecaster like a man beggin’ for mercy, and slung through a 1948 Fender amp like a dark horse running through the night, the Sauce Boss has a truly authentic sound that leaves you looking for something you thought you’d lost, but in fact you never knew you had.  

67 Florida Ave.
St. Augustine, Fla.
For your reservation to this special show please call 904-824-8144


A word about our Opera House Concerts....

Lon and I love the Monticello Opera House as do so many others out there in the world. 
We strive to present shows there as often as we can because we believe there is no better sounding or looking venue around for a musical presentation. A goodly portion of every ticket sold goes directly to the preservation and restoration of this fine theatre, one of Florida's cultural and architectural treasures. Please support these artists and this grand old venue at the same time and plan to join us for these upcoming shows!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

xo xo

Saturday, October 12th

Triple Header!!!

Gatorbone Records presents in concert...

Bob Patterson

The New 76ers

The Wild Shiners


The Monticello Opera House!!

Lon and I would like to invite you to a special triple header concert three of our faves to celebrate the release of their latest recordings!!
Show starts at 8:00 pm.
$15.00 for the show
Dinner reservations (a separate charge) please call 
850-997-4242 for details.


Okay... NOT an Opera House show but I stuck it in here for the time line....

Yes, it's a Tuesday :)


The Gatorbone Band

in concert at

Please join us for this special show, 
our last public performance of 2013. 

For tickets and reservations please call 850-222-4956
Music starts at 7:00 pm.

BACK to the Opera House Lineup....

Sunday, November 17th

Peter Rowan 
His All-Star Bluegrass Band!!

Grammy-award winner and five-time Grammy nominee, Peter Rowan is a bluegrass
singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades. From his early years
playing under the tutelage of bluegrass patriarch Bill Monroe, and following his
stint in Old & In the Way with Jerry Garcia and subsequent breakout as both a
solo performer and bandleader, Rowan has built a devoted, international fan base
through his continuous stream of original recordings, collaborative projects,
and constant touring.

with special guest... 
Yungchen Llamo from Tibet...
please read below for her fascinating story...

Since her 1989 pilgrimage on foot from her beloved homeland of Tibet, Yungchen Lhamo has emerged as the world's leading Tibetan vocalist. From the quays of Sydney, Australia to the spotlight of New York’s Carnegie Hall, her haunting a cappella performances have enchanted audiences in more than 70 countries and garnered critical praise worldwide.

Her music has been described as “brilliant” (The New Yorker), “sublime” (Rolling Stone), and “spine-tingling” (The Times, London); she has been called “angel-voiced” (Newsweek) and praised for her “pristine, gliding vocal lines” (The New York Times).
Dressed in a traditional gown of cream-colored silk with orange cuffs and turquoise jewelry, and with her luminous black hair cascading past her waist, Yungchen casts a regal presence onstage, described by one journalist as "more like a head of state than a musician on her first trip to America" (Rhythms Music).
Born in the beautiful capital of Lhasa, Yungchen was named by a Tibetan lama after the deity Sarasvati, the Hindu/Buddhist goddess of knowledge and the arts. She learned devotional singing from her grandmother.
Arriving in India after her sojourn across the Himalayas, Yungchen visited several Tibetan refugee camps, performing for an audience that included the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for whom she has performed numerous times since.
"When I left Tibet, I lost everything," Yungchen recalls. "The one thing I didn't lose was my voice. And this I carried with me to the West."
Yungchen lived first in Australia, then emigrated to the United States. Following the 1995 release of her breakthrough album, Tibetan Prayer, which won the ARIA Award (Australia’s equivalent of the Grammy Award), she was signed to Peter Gabriel's prestigious Real World Records label and has since released three widely acclaimed albums: Tibet, Tibet (1996), Coming Home(1998), and Ama (2006).
Yungchen has collaborated with luminaries such as Natalie Merchant, on her platinum-selling Ophelia, as well as with Philip Glass, Annie Lennox, Michael Stipe, Billy Corgan, and Sheryl Crow. Her songs have been featured on compilation albums including Prayer Cycle and Lilith Fair Live, on the soundtrack to the Hollywood film Seven Years in Tibet, and in a handful of documentaries.
In 2007, Yungchen collaborated with Tony Award-winning American dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones and French percussionist Florent Jodelet for a sold-out performance piece titled 'Walking the Line' at a section of Paris’s famed Louvre that had never before been used as a stage.
She has performed for spiritual and political leaders across the globe in support of Tibetan organizations and international aid groups such as Amnesty International. Through her arresting music, which explores Buddhist themes of spiritual pilgrimage, soul searching, and a delight in the natural environment, she hopes to share Tibet’s rich cultural heritage and the innate grace and goodness of the Tibetan people with the rest of the world.
Most recently, in Italy, Yungchen was gifted the city of Silanus’s esteemed “Funtana Elighe” journalism award and was recognized by the province of Genoa as a “Messenger of Peace” as well as given the title of “Ambassador of Culture.”
Yungchen lives and makes music in New York City, where she is currently at work on her much-awaited fourth U.S. album and from where she heads The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of Tibetans in need.

in a special fundraiser concert to benefit

The Monticello Opera House!!

Can you believe it? It's like a dream, but it's real. 
Joseph Saccocci and I are working with Fran Litton of the Opera House to present this special fundraising concert to benefit the restoration of the Opera House.

Details forthcoming...

Please save the date and spread the word for this 
most momentous musical event.



Saturday, November 23rd

Gatorbone Records presents in concert...


Carrie Cooley

Teresa Jimenez

Three of the most talented ladies around. Each is a powerful singer and songwriter and once again, some of our all-time faves. Please save this date for this very special concert to celebrate the release of their latest recordings!!


The Monticello Opera House
Monticello, Fla.

Tickets $15.00
Show starts at 8:00 pm

For dinner reservations (a separate charge) please call the Opera House at 850-997-4242

Thanks to Fran Litton and her staff 
for all they do to promote the arts!


Thank you fine friends!!!

xo xo 

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